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7 Figures & What Needs To Come First

It’s been a long-term goal of mines to have my digital assets produce 7 figures in one year.

And no, I haven’t arrived at that destination yet, but it will happen. It’s not a matter of “If” it’s a matter of “When”.

I say this to you because if you have a goal fo reaching 6 or 7 figures from your online business there is something you MUST do first.

You must learn the skill of making 4 figures.

Nobody likes to talk about the smaller dollar amounts, but they are just as important and inspiring to me.

Plus, you can’t even get to 6 and 7 figures until you’re able to make 4 and 5 figures consistently.

Everybody falls for the hype, and never learn the fundamentals. They want to skip the required steps of building a solid foundation.

Earning 4 Figures

Earning 4 figures online is not hard to do in theory.

dee willis
dee willis

Like I said, easy in theory, but it does take work and time to learn the skills.

These 2 screenshots are the ones I just grabbed out of my image folder really quick, but the top one I made 4 figures in 48 hours. The second one was my cosmetic company during the pandemic and I made 4 figures in 30 days.

That doesn’t even include my other streams of income and my corporate job.

If you follow my simple methods to building digital assets online, while being consistent, reaching your goals will happen.

Here’s the Method to a Consistent 4-Figure Income

1 – Think of something you know about, know how to do or are interested in learning about or learning how to do.

(That’s what we call having or learning a skill)

2 – Think of the ideal person you would want to serve (help), and how will what you know, what you do, or what you offer can help them.

3 – Choose your stage (platform) where you want to consistently show up and shout out (push content) to attract your ideal person to you.

4 – Give something of value to them to collect their email address so that you can stay in touch and build a relationship with them off-stage. (Off the platform where you attracted them from)

5 – Recommend the products/services that you know about to them, or have learned about, or have used yourself to help them. (This is how you can start getting paid)

These 5-steps are all you need to learn to make 4-figures per month consistently.

The 4 figure range can be life changing. It ranges from $1,000 to $9,999, and those steps can get you there.

The better you get at mastering those 5-steps, you’ll start earning in the high 4-figure range.

I created a planner

The planner I created is called The Content Architect Pro Planner. It was designed to help you define your ideal person, plan and create a 90-day sprint worth of content, so that you can be consistent and start building momentum in your business.

My pro planner is not like your traditional “calendar” type of planner. It’s focused, and it’ll have you cranking out consistent content, tailored to attract your ideal person so you can get your business moving.

dee willis

In addition to The Content Architect Pro Planner, I created a Notion Dashboard. It serves as a companion to the Pro Planner.

And the good news is…

It’ll be available soon to those who are on HerDiary Newsletter. Everyone else will have to wait until later.

If you are not making 4-figures per month consistently in your online business, you should definitely grab the Pro Planner when it comes out.

Dee “Keepin’ It Real Lifestyle Designer” Willis

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Who is Dee Willis?

I am a digital product fanatic & writer who loves building businesses that produce semi-passive income. A woman deeply passionate about exploring humanism, building semi-passive income, and lifestyle design.