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Amateur Ghostwriters are F#%king Up (How to Avoid The Embarrassment)

You’ve watched the influencers and soaked up all the money making strategies.

Your confidence meter exploded at the thought that you could do it too.

What an epiphany.

So, you jumped online. Started your profile. Followed a few influencers. Purchased a course, or two, or not.

Then after you’ve had your fill of the YouTube and Twitter kool-aid – the courage juice – you leaped into the cold DM abyss.

The Misunderstandings That Cause Miserable Fails

Let me make one thing clear, becoming a writer does not make you a marketer. Because you can write, does not make you a copywriter.

I do not say this to discourage you. If you love to write, use that passion & natural talent to learn copywriting.

Once you have learned the basics of copywriting, you must learn marketing. Writing is only one piece of the marketing pie.

Take the time to learn about psychology and human behavior. What words catch peoples attention? What makes them click the buy button?

If all writers were copywriters, why don’t self-published authors do their own marketing?

A copywriter’s main goal is to get the sale. An author’s goal is to write a good story. Create a world the reader can get lost in, and they have over 60,000+ words to do it.

Not saying a copywriter could not create a piece that long. But, let’s be honest, that is not what ghostwriters on Twitter are trying to do.

You’re trying to write for social media. Short. Punchy. Lines. To. Have. Customers. Click. To. Buy. Periodt!

Now, that I got my ramblings out of the way. Let’s get to the heart of the matter. Time to avoid some embarrassment.

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, It Makes Progress

When you’re new and looking for clients. You do not have to pick a particular niche. I recommend that you don’t.

But, you should know the types of people you want to copywrite for. What type of social media channels are you wanting to grow? Who are you wanting to work with?

Let’s first start with your own.

Don’t be that copywriter who wants to take my account to over 100k followers and you have less than I do.

(Allow me to teach you how to get to 100K, sir/ma’am.)

I know it’s hard in the beginning, but first, use some of the strategies you learned for yourself. Get to at least 500-1000 followers, then go after someone who has less and help them get to 1000 followers.

Some potential clients will look at you like, how can you get me anywhere. Let me show you how I got to 300 followers, since you only got 65.

For real.

That is how some of them will think. You should prepare yourself to overcome this type of objection if you decide to go against the grain.

If you have not taken any courses on copywriting, please take one or buy at least 3 books on the subject. Read them. Study them. Become intimate with them.

Take about 30 – 90 days to grow your own account. Track your progress and then try and help someone else who is a bit behind you. This is how you can start practicing.

Side Note:

Now if you have another social media channel that has a high follower count, use that to your advantage. Otherwise, save yourself the embarrassment. You’re going to need some proof of concept, from somewhere.

Fail To Identify Your Client, Shows You’re Still Wet Behind The Ears & Know Nothing, Yet!

As I mentioned above, know who you want to work with before going out into the cold DM abyss.

Don’t look like this person here.

how not to dm someone about ghostwriter services

I laughed so hard when I saw this. It is an amateur move, but it still amuses me. I loved how Dakota showed him a bit of grace.

If you are not aware Dakota Robertson is a Professional Ghostwriter. He has over 200k+ followers (at the time of this letter). He also owns a Ghostwriting agency doing over 7 figures per year.

How silly does this guy look? I would be completely embarrassed. Don’t be this person.

Check out the pitch I received.

DM I liked from a Ghostwriter

I loved his approach. Could it had been better? Of course. We can always improve. But, it was his genuineness for me.

He took care choosing his words. Check him out.

“I was wondering…” (that let my guard down a bit)

“If I could help you build your personal brand…” (he immediately offered to help me… what was in it for me)

“Through my ghostwriting services…” (awesome, he is telling me about his services)

“I’m doing free work…” (he mentioned the word FREE, my ears tuned in now. Who doesn’t love FREE?)

“In exchange for a testimonial…” (that’s it? That’s all you want me to do?)

“If you are interested do let me know!…” (hell yeah, I’m interested. Hell yeah I’m excited too, but not going to let him know how much)

I have been on Twitter for over a decade. But, never thought about growing it until recently.

If I’m being honest with myself, yes, I could use some help. Why not? Do I need him to do it? No.

Why? Because I know how to write ad copy myself. I’ve learned that skills. Have a mastered it? No.

But, this setup is a win/win situation. I get some extra help to grow my personal brand, for free. And, he gets a testimonial to help him grow his business = Win/Win.

[UPDATE] Even though I loved his approach. He did not follow up with me as discussed in our conversation, nor did he do any work for me. If I would suggest anything, if a person agrees to work with you, be sure to follow up with them. It is not their responsibility to remind you of appointments you set with them.

Please Avoid Some Of These Tactics In Your Outreach

Now, check this one out. Ughh. This one had me all in my feelings.

But, I do try not to take things personal.

DM I didn't like from an amateur ghostwriter

He tried. I did not like his approach to be honest. He should have took time to construct his wording.

Here’s what I mean.

“I’ve just gone through your website and really liked the design of it…” (Cool start)

“The colors make your website more interesting…” (didn’t know how to take ‘more interesting’, but okay)

“I’ve also gone through your tweets and they are consistent…” (okay, going through website and tweets, showing me he had done some research)

“However, they are not getting much engagement…” (no shit Sherlock! It’s an account with 112 followers)

“I know you are busy…” (you do? and how did you come to that conclusion, sir? But, okay)

“But I can help write interesting tweets for you…” (hell, you can’t even write a pitch. I don’t want you writing like this for my audience)

“That way, you can attract your targets…” (oh really!)

“Let’s hop on a call, shall we? (aaah No Thank You!)

As you can see, I spared him and gave him some grace.

This would have been a better approach, which you learn in psychology 101.

“Hey Dee!

I just took a tour of your website and had to reach out. I loved your design and the color theme is amazing.

I have a Ghostwriting service and would love to help you build your personal brand. I’ll do this for free in exchange for a honest testimonial from you. Please let me know if you’re interested.”

Like I said, psychology 101, people love when you talk about them or give them a compliment.

Be very clear about your research and try not to offend the person you’re trying to sign up as a client.

He gave some compliments. Well, he tried. He assumed a lot in his pitch, instead of getting to the point.

He made assumptions about my time, and about my goals. You know what they say about a person who assumes… “You make an Ass out of U & Me).

Monkey-See, Monkey-Do Conundrum

There are creators out there who are authentic and there are some who want your money. Plain & simple.

The problem with this Ghostwriting services and the copywriting trend is money. People want to hop on the bandwagon for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, it’s awesome to get paid to write. Especially if you enjoy it. I love writing. You might love it too.

If you’re going to jump into this world of copywriting & start an agency, know the expectations.

Know what you’re up against. Learn, study, and execute with authenticity. 

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