Reinventing Myself & My Business Saved Me (Because I Almost Gave Up)

I had to flip the switch on everything.
It wasn’t until I came across a young man by the name of Dan Koe, who inspired me to do what the fuck I wanted.
It felt so good to know that I wasn’t alone in my thinking, that limiting yourself was a bunch of horse crap.
However, I was listening to the people I thought knew better, or at least knew more than I did. (I was wrong) Turns out I was on to something without realizing it.
See, I have a lot of interests, and I always have. But, sometimes you doubt yourself. Sometimes you take the wrong people’s advice.
I’ve always wondered, how I am supposed to figure out what I like, if I only stick to one thing?
But in some ways, I was going against the grain on sticking to one thing unconsciously. My natural genetic make-up wasn’t having it.
I would start a business venture and then get bored real quick. But it was the planning and mapping out the strategies for me.
I can go as far as, to say, I wanted to see if I could do the damn thing and succeed. That might sound a little egotistical, but there is some truth to it.

Skills Built Out of Necessity

As you grow in business or want to do something, you invest. You’re either going to invest time or money.
In the beginning, I didn’t have much money, nor did I have much time, considering I was a single mom. But, I made the time. I had no choice.
I taught myself to code when HTML was a thing. That was before CSS was even created. Then of course, I learned CSS, Javascript, and PHP as time went on.
I then learned to design graphics. Because that was the natural progression of web development.
Next, I had to learn how to get traffic to that website. Not only for myself, but for my clients. That’s when I got into digital marketing.
Those were the skills I built up during my younger years. These days, I’m dabbling more on the editing video side of things.
See, as you grow your business you will gain more skills and experience. You’ll begin to discover more of what you truly enjoy.
I’ve always loved to read when the reading was beneficial to me. It’s always been about learning something. Improving myself, all in hopes of forging my own way. I was always a firm believer in “skills pay bills”.
That was my motto.
If you want to see a list of skills I’ve obtained over the years, I mentioned them in my previous post. Starting a Business of One (How to Make Money Doing All The Things You Love)
But when you have a lot of interests, it can be confusing on what to do. I spent years, decades fighting that battle.
That is the same battle that had me feeling trapped inside of a box. It was this feeling that had me about to quit on myself and my business.
Until I came across Dan. I said, if this young man is thinking, the exact same thing I’ve been thinking for years, it’s on! I’m with you Dan.

Vanished Into Thin Air, FASTER Than The Speed of Light

I disappeared for almost a month. Deep diving into research, reflecting on my goals and vision for the future. I re-evaluated everything I’ve ever accomplished and done over the past decade of my life.
It took this time for me to re-align myself. Get back on track. I revamped everything. All my social media channels. My motto, my mission and what I wanted to give to the world. I created several content pillars, and new branding to reflect this vision. I thought about my leverage strategy. And threw everything I thought I knew into the garbage.
No longer was I going to place constraints on myself. I made a vow to follow my own mind and to continue to question everything. I use too, but as we get older we tend to move away from that. I had to get back to the things that sparked my curiosity. The things I loved.

The Realm of Specific Knowledge

On my Facebook, I made a post that spoke to specific knowledge. Then in the comments there were questions. Tons of questions about specific knowledge and was it just experience.
I had to clarify.
Specific knowledge comes from a series of experiences. Let’s make that plural, shall we. No one experience will give you specific knowledge. Think about it… there are many variables called trial and error that you will need to go through. And even then, a wise person knows, that they know nothing.
Many things sound good in theory, but to do them is a different story. But, you will not know unless you try.
Action is what gives a person specific knowledge. (It’s the doing of the thing, under various conditions). Specific knowledge is hard to explain. There are too many variables at play to give a cookie cutter type of answer. And I’m not here to give you lip service. I’m speaking nothing but truth.

What’s On The Horizon

The time of the Creator has arrived in full force. Those individuals who are forging their paths in the world of tech and media are going to have a leg up.
Times are changing at warp speed, and the digital economy is evolving.
That is why one of my past times is learning a new skill around editing media. If it grows into more, so be it. It’s something I’m interested in.
Don’t be afraid to explore your creativity, because it doesn’t come from being trapped in a box. Creativity comes from exploring the realm of infinite possibilities. And in this day in age, you have all that and then some.
If you’re in doubt about where you’re heading, it’s time to reinvent yourself. Know that you are not alone. Don’t give up. I almost did, but I’m sure glad I didn’t.