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There Is Change In Pain

Did you know there is change in pain?

At first glance you might think that pain is something you want to stay the hell away from. But, looking in hindsight I see something completely different.

The pain you experience throughout your life guides you. It changes your perspective and your perception of self. It can also affect your relationships in life and business. Pain doesn’t have to bring about negative outcomes.

According to Psychologists Richard Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun, they discovered that positive growth can occur when a person endures psychological struggles following adversity. They call it PTG (Post-traumatic Growth).

Sometimes it takes a traumatic event or something painful to occur in a person’s life in order for them to seek out a solution they would have otherwise ignored.

It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to work for myself, but over time, I fell victim to the same mediocrity everybody else.

I allowed the naysayers to take over

Thinking that maybe, they were right and I just need to follow the path that society laid out to reach success, so the struggle would stop.

So, I did all the things. Finished high school, went to college, and finally got a job that was making the most money I’ve ever made up to that point in my life.

The feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming. I felt like I was finally successful.

No more struggle led to loyalty

Mentoring, Emerging manager training, team lead, to acting associate director. Things were looking up. I jumped through every hoop they laid out in front of me with ease.

Then I got slapped in the face once it was announced that the permanent director was the same person I was training. He got that position without even going through everything that was I was told I had to go through to get the job.

My direct boss, was just as clueless and disappointed as I was. He went to bat for me because it wasn’t the proper procedure when getting into management. Later he was told that I was his “work horse” and he shouldn’t want to promote me.

They were holding me back, purposely. Their minds were focused on loss, not gain. They were more concerned about their numbers and not MY professional growth and development. What small brains some people in this world have.

Don’t be those people

Several opportunities had come my way, but I didn’t take them because I was comfortable. I was moving up in the company and I just knew I would be all good. More money, no struggle, just living my best life.

Trick no good!

The company began to lay people off.

Someone who had never met me, nor knew of any of my struggles to make it that far in my life had the POWER to flip a switch and take everything I worked so hard for away from me. That was more than a slap in the face.

It was in that VERY moment, I realized that I couldn’t count on anyone but myself. That traumatizing and painful experience gave me a new perspective on life and on Corporate America.

I vowed to NEVER jump through hoops and work that hard ever again for somebody else other than myself. I was going to work harder on me and my self development more than any job.

That’s when I put all of my skillsets and passions on the frontline. Entrepreneurship became the focus.

That’s why today I’ve grow multiple digital assets that are producing income for me online.

It’s a shame that it takes something that extreme and traumatizing for a person to pay attention to the world around them.

It took Covid for the world to WAKE UP

The same feeling of pain, frustration and insecurity affected the masses. The pain went global.

Everyone was in survival mode. Buying up the stores, looking for ways to make money.

That’s when their minds became open to alternative solutions to solve their problems. That’s when the most business were formed.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 1 out of every 3 businesses where started during the pandemic, with goods and services being sold online.

The surge in new business applications came when people found the solution they were looking for.

When the threshold of pain is reached, change occurs

Pain, is such a strong emotion, but studies have shown that post-traumatic growth comes after those who have endured psychological struggles. That’s the rainbow after the storm.

Traumatizing events throughout your life will change how you move, in one way or another.


After I got laid off, while everyone else was out clubbing. I was at home reading.

When they were at events. I was at home honing my skills.

When they were Netflixin’ & Chillin’. I was making master plans to have 101 ways to make money.

Then it was rapid fire after that:

2014 – Designed my website and began my brand to help others build skills

2014 – Started my publishing company

2014 – Published my first novel on Amazon. You can check some Goodreads reviews.

2015 – Started a community based advertising magazine for small business owners

2016 – Opened up Topshelf Fashionz local clothing boutique

2018 – Started Dibereta Clothing brand

2020 – Started Royal Highness AZ Cosmetics

2021 – Started selling digital products 43 Low Content KDP books on Amazon

2022 – Opened my Etsy shop

2023 – Opened up an Ebay Store

2023 – Growing my online income streams

To this very day, I don’t watch much tv. I have to binge watch during one of my sprint breaks. Other than that, my TV is just for decor.

Most people have TVs bigger than their library, but my library at this present moment sits at 575 and my TV is only 46’ inches.

At this point in my life I feel confident in my ability to serve.

I’ve helped thousands of people over the years learn a skill that they could use to make money working for themselves.

The quickest way to start is by freelancing a service. I started years ago back in 2003 with web designs for small business owners.

When you start developing a skillset and cultivate the mindset to match you will be unstoppable!

You won’t be worried about if your job stays around or not. You won’t feel like your job is the blessing, YOU ARE THE BLESSING TO THE JOB!

And if I’m being honest, that’s the greatest feeling in the world, when you know that you are working at a place YOU want to work, because you enjoy it, not because you NEED it to pay your bills.

My philosophy has and always will be Skills Pay Bills.

The new digital economy allows anyone who is willing to learn a skillset to design the life they want.

I go deeper into this in my upcoming book Success Coded: The No B.S Approach to Succeed in Life and Business.

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