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People Talking About These Niche Websites: WTF Are They?


You’re probably like I was, wonder WTF are these niche websites all about.

Well for one, they are just a regular website.

Two… they can earn you some passive income AFTER you’ve put in the WORK.

and three…

… they are focused around a specific item, within maybe 2 – 5 sub-items.

I know I’m saying items, but it could also be topics (subjects).

Website for Authority and Income - Dee Willis

Websites of Niche Authority and Income

These niche sites when created and loved (maintained) correctly, can be a primary source of trusted information for those specific individuals who are interested in the item or topic.

The content on these sites should be helpful, rich (not necessarily long, but not vague). They shouldn’t just be thrown together.

I’m personally on a journey to create a couple of these passive income assets myself.

That’s more of a reason for me to document my niche website projects here. I’ll be able to look back and analyze things. It’ll also probably help you in some way.

There are a few topics I could write some thorough information on. Hell, why not!

Monetization of a niche site comes second - Dee Willis

Monetization of a Niche Site Should Be Secondary

Even though you’re building a niche website for the purpose of earning an income (investment) from it, you can’t go in thinking about the money first.

Focus on Providing Value First

Once a niche site is created, the primary focus would be to get traffic.

In order to get traffic, you need content.

Without traffic to your niche website, you won’t have any chances of making money anyway.

That’s why I say…

the monetization of your website should come secondary in the grand scheme of things.

Work Your Tail Off

Now it’s time to push the pedal to the metal, putting out as much quality content as you can.

It’ll help if you put yourself on a writing schedule.

Either that or hire an article writer.

That’s an option that you have.

Whenever you start any passive income asset project, just know that it’s a business.

And in business, you’re going to sacrifice something. It’ll be either time or money.

If you don’t have much money, you will need to invest time.

If you have money, but no time, it’ll be wise to invest your money into outsourcing some help. That’ll be saving you tons of time.

But First…

niche websites - Dee Willis

You Need a Website

You can’t create a niche site without it. This is going to require a few things of its own.

Building a website sounds simple. But its not as simple as some may have you believe.

Here’s what you’re going to need to do this:

  1. Domain Name from a domain registrar. I personally use Namecheap… they are affordable and easy to navigate.
  2. Hosting. This is a separate things. You’re going to need somewhere to host your niche site online. This requires hosting. I just switch hosting providers. I currently use Cloudways, but I used to use Hostgator. I’ll save why I switched for another article.
  3. Install WordPress. Once you have your domain name and hosting setup you are going to need WordPress. Both Cloudways and Hostgator has one click installs of WordPress already built into your hosting.
  4. A Theme. You’re going to need a theme to use for your niche website. You can download one of the free themes, or you can purchase a theme. Whenever you purchase a theme, it’s called a premium theme. You should definitely get one (highly recommended). Themes are the design of your site, so choose wisely. – or you can get a builder. Elementor is a premium website builder that has drag n drop options. It also comes with themes you can use. (its just more work though).
Keywords for niche websites - Dee Willis

Keywords For Your Niche Website

It can’t be a niche site without content on it.

You’re going to want to get some articles posted (content) so that people can find you in the Search Engines (ie. Google, Bing, Yahoo).

But don’t go and be Speedy Gonzales.

Don’t go out and start putting up garbage articles. Slow down, and find out what people are searching for first.

When you find out what people are searching for, you can write the articles for them. That way it increases your chances of showing up in the search engines.

That’s why keyword research is important when you’re publishing content for a niche website.

You want to tailor your information to searches around that item or topic. Then consistently write articles for targeting those keyword phrases.

Then of course there is Traffic.

But I’ll save that for an entirely different article. This is just about niche websites and what goes into getting one up and running.

I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to share it on social media if you think it’ll be helpful to others.

Much Love & Success Always,

P.S. If you’re just staring out, you might want to read my article so that you can build a solid foundation for your business.



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