Your Most Talented Employees Are Dressed In Sheep’s Clothing

Human capital is the most valuable asset a company can have. It’s the most valuable an entrepreneur can have.

Why do you think successful entrepreneurs encourage you to outsource talent asap?

It frees up your time to invest in RGAs (Revenue Generating Activities). Which allows you to reach your goals quicker. Nobody can reach a company’s mission alone. Especially, if you have a hefty mission.

What I’ve come to find is that your most hardworking, most loyal employees are those you’d least expect.

They are the ones who prefer to wear jeans, and opt-out of the suit. They are the ones who may speak with a bit of slang. They are the ones that you may consider “rough around the edges.”

Those be the ones who believe in your mission, and want your company to succeed, but they are also the ones you overlook.

What Hurts People From Finding Great Talent

I don’t want to get into an all exclusive list here, but I do want to address some of the things I’ve noticed.

First, bias. Too many put their own personal feelings into the equation. The main goal should be “can this person do the job.”

It’s not about you. It’s about can this person move the company forward, and allow you to work on RGAs.

Now of course, I can hear some slack about this in the comments. You want to be able to get along with the person that you have working for you. Yes, yes, yes.

But believe me, you’ll like the person if they are contributing to your bottom line. You’ll love them if they are bringing your company into the millions. You will love them if they are helping you grow your one-person business to heights you could only dream of.

Hell, you’ll be kissing them on the lips!

Another thing, is not being very good at recognizing talent to begin with. Too many times I’ve seen people stay at companies for years. They start at a young age, so the person in charge still see’s the youngin’.

They haven’t paid any attention to the growth and development of that individual. They still see, the kid. The young entry level professional. They are blind to the 5 year tenured professional that this individual has become.

That is why the younger generations are only staying at companies for 3 – 5 years, if that. They are not getting promoted or their growth is going un-noticed and unappreciated. They do not feel they are developing, because they are not given the chance.

So, they leave for better pay and growth opportunities.

Give me a person who is hungry any day of the week. Give me a person who is strong where I am weak. Give me a person who is willing to take direction, grow and develop. I want the student who wants to surpass the teacher.

I look beyond the resume, when hiring. I’ve done so in all my ventures. Because those who are constantly overlooked, are loyal because they’ve been given a chance. They have been provided an opportunity that others had denied them.